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Revival Outreach

This radio station will carry out innovative, radical, life-changing broadcasts of a religious nature (Christian) primarily to help revive the individual for a more wholesome Christian life! This is achieved via diverse therapeutic, relaxing & inspirational music!!!

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Title: Windows Of Heaven
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Through the presentation of choice Christian, Biblical material, the station sets out to challenge the individual to evaluate their current life's position with a view to meditate on the material presented with a strategic focus! This is to say where am I right now? Where was I before now? Where do I want to be in the future? Thus, the individual is able to revive any areas of their lives that need boosting (reviving); in order to fulfill the station's primary objective to revive the individual! Made real via diverse therapeutic, relaxing & inspirational music!!!
Contact: Prophet Folayan Osekita
Phone: +447961342919
Twitter: @osekita
Facebook: Proffet Folayan Osekita

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Windows Of Heaven will be reaching out (broadcasting) 24/7, changing lives, reviving souls, via wholesome, Christian Truth messages presented simply, with clarity, in a user friendly way! Come ride with us and let God Bless you and water your garden!

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